Floor Screeding & Measuring Service

We now offer our professional floor screeding service to those that wish to use their own tilers to install their Victorian tiles. Flatness is the key to the success of these designs as any little dips and bumps makes the whole thing look wavy.

If the floor is perfectly flat your tiler stands a much better chance and bear in mind that pathways are done at a slope so self levelling compound does not work!

We will generally be much more inclined to offer very good pricing on this service if you get your Victorian tiles through us.

In addition to the screeding service we will measure the pathway or hallway and with our expert knowledge, order your tiles taking care of all the design aspects of your pathway or hallway.

The reason we offer this service now is that over the years we have found most tilers and quite a few tile shops are not up to the task. When we used to install these tiles organised by others we encountered delays on 9/10 jobs and now we dont install any tiles unless we have arranged them.

In many cases clients/tile shops and tilers got the design elements wrong in the tiles ordering which resulted in over and under supply of certain types of tiles. We also found lack of tiling knowledge and sometimes just not actually going to site (all tile shops) also resulted in mistakes in the tiles supply process. These tiles are expensive and take up to a week to be delivered. Delivery charges are always about £30 regardless of quantity so its best to get them ordered right first time!

Floor screeded for Victorian tiling

Small Victorian rope edging stones for garden pathway