Quarry tile pathway restoration – St Albans Hertfordshire

We recently undertook a restoration of a quarry tiled pathway in St Albans Hertfordshire. The job itself was quite satisfying as there was quite a dramatic before and after effect ( see images all below )

This is of course the  “after” pic. The client wished to keep the original York stone at the front as it held historic significance based on the concrete infilled bits that used to be steel posts. Apparently during the war they took all the steel railings from the pathways on this road and you can see the circular concrete patch on the right that was filled in.

The work we carried out on this one included 1) Restoring the old quarry tiles and cleaning them. 2) Restoring the Victorian/geometric tiled porch. 3) Rendering the wall on the right. 4) Adding rope edgings. 5) Replacing the old York stone steps with new ones.(* See before pic below )



The porch tiling was in a pretty bad shape and we did our best to restore it. We also made up the encaustic tiles where necessary. There was also a large crack and the substrate was in a bad shape so we spent some time strengthening this all up.

( * see before pic below)