Victorian tiling costs

Victorian tiling is a specialist skill and based on the mess ups we have seen it requires an installer with more skill than a standard tiler and we have never seen one installed properly by the a builder. In reality a standard tiler with at least 6 years exp is only good enough to begin to learn Victorian tiling and hope to do a proper job.

Many companies like to charge allot for this service where as we are more affordable and provide the best service around with our installations nearly at 100% quality. 

I have included some of my previous projects below and given some approximate pricing however the price largely depends on the design. Other aspects such as concrete bases. York stone steps , rubbish removal etc do tend to add up.

Very cost effective design. Tiles £700 labor and materials £1000

Over 5000 tiles on this very large 5x5cm pathway. Tiles £2800, labor £2500. It took me over 3 weeks to complete. (Installed loose)

A much smaller version of the above 5x5cm path but with a more complex border. Tiles £1000, Labor £1250

Colorful geometric style designs do get quite pricey and they take more time to install than checkerboard types above. Certain colored tiles cost allot more than standard colors and hallways generally are more complex than pathways and so will cost more. Here are some geometric examples.

This one was quite large and difficult to install. The screed was very complex too. Tiles £4500- Labor £2500-2800

This hallway took some time to finish and the turns take long to do. There is also more floor prep with timber floors. Tiles £1800 , Labor £1800-2200

I know Victorian tiling and associated work is costly however this is something that only needs to be done once (if done right) and adds allot of value and quality to the look of any property. The tiles are reproductions of the original ones and are hard wearing. If maintained properly they can look good and clean for many years to come. Just think these tiles on the restorations we do are around 100 years old!

The most important thing is to get them installed by an verifiable experienced installer whos work you can physically go and see. I have just seen so many bad new installations and been called up to repair many bodged jobs. It offends me to see how badly most of these new installations are done as I know the cost of the tiles.

The worse the installation the faster they seem to deteriorate as water gets in and wonky tiles trap mold. Salts wash out of large grout lines and stain all the black tiles. They need to be screeded properly, tiles installed seemlesley with minimal spacing and if kept clean by the client, will remain fantastic for many years.