Victorian Style bathroom wall & floor tiles.North London

We are top class installers of all Victorian tiles and really can do an amazing job on your Bathroom should you get us to do it.

Why are we so good?

We are patient skilled tilers that dont let little flaws slip by and believe me the overall result is always one of quality that resonates with all who are susceptible to good things!

We find people cant pin point exactly what it is that makes them feel that way. Things such as perfectly flat surfaces, no ridges, close cuts , square edges, etc etc. People dont know exactly what it is but when we do what we do you will get an undeniable impression of quality just by standing in the bathroom. The key is to aim for 100%.

Bathroom Victorian tiling

We begun as standard tilers in 2007  and then due to our level of skill naturally moved to complex Victorian floors in 2014 years ago. We now hope to secure more ceramic style Victorian tiling for bathroom walls and also standard Victorian tiles for floors. So please do contact us if you have any bathrooms that need Victorian Tiling.