Victorian rope edging for garden pathways

Rope edging is something that you most certainly need for your pathway in certain cases once you have installed Victorian tiles.

When clients just want to quickly get their gardens up to scratch with their lovely new tiled path they will usually throw down nice stones on the side of it. This unfortunately needs to be kept at bay with rope edging stones. Rope edging also keeps off all the would be garden material that usually would stain tiles if just left to sit on the tiles.

The only case where rope edging is not needed is when there is going to be some solid material such as slate or other tiling marrying up to your pathway tiling. Wheelie bins dont go so well with rope edging stones so give some consideration to where they will be going etc. There are a few different types of rope edges and they are fairly cheap and easy to install. We usually supply and install them and in the past have used specialized places and fairly everyday DIY outlets. The one installed in the image directly below was sourced at Homebase. Give us a call for a chat about your project. We do all new Victorian tiling installations and restorations throughout London and Hertfordshire. We also do York stone and our own concrete bases and building slate work etc. We also travel further at times.

Victorian rope edging stones on pathway



Small Victorian rope edging stones for garden pathway